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Flavio Ramirez

Mexico City

Self-taught cook, based in Mexico with 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

At the age of 33, he left his profession as a radio host and publicist, to start a small Paella business from his garage, and ever since has devoted himself to cooking. His passion and curiosity for cooking led him to learn the secrets to authenticity in both Mexican and Spanish cuisine due to his heritage in both cultures. Paella and rice dishes are now the hallmark of this journey. In 2019, he won first place in the author and Valencian paella categories, in the first edition of the International Paella Fest, obtaining a place to participate in the International Sueca Competition, in Valencia. That year he also participated in the Fideuá de Gandía contest, obtaining an honorable mention.  Chef Flavio is considered a Master Rice Cook among the community of professional chefs in Valencia, including chef Juan Carlos Galbis, the first Valencian Michelin star, and chef Amadeo Faus, from the “Chef Amadeo” restaurants in Gandía and Andorra, promoter, jury, and winner on several occasions of the Fideuá de Gandía contest.

Chef Flavio is also dedicated to sharing and teaching his culinary knowledge, famously putting “a grain of salt” so that rice culture is available to all who want to learn. All this is a tribute to his mentor, maestro José Zafra, an authority in the world of rice and paella, from whom he has received great teachings and advice, as well as many years of friendship.