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Paella Cookoff Chefs

These culinary virtuosos bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and creativity to the competition. With backgrounds in renowned establishments and a deep passion for the culinary arts, these talented chefs are poised to showcase their skills and create paella masterpieces that will leave you in awe.

Join the Paella Challenge

We invite you to showcase your culinary skills and join our exciting contest. Show the world your expertise in the art of cooking paella and compete against other top chefs for the coveted title. It’s a chance to demonstrate your creativity, impress a distinguished panel of judges, and gain recognition in the culinary community.


Cesar Mayorga

Station 4 Restaurant
Washington D.C.

Nick Puletti

New Iberia Truck

Jesus Romero

The Social Paella
Los Angeles

Alejandro Aayon

The Paella & Tapas Place

Leo Razo

Cambalache & Villa Roma

Joe Padilla

Smoky Joe Caribbean Grill
Puerto rico

Adan Ventura

Tasty Paella

Natalie Curie

world’s Best
International Paella 2016
Los Angeles

Diego de la Rosa

Paella Party
New Jersey/New York

Flavio Ramirez

Paellas La Moraleja Catering
Mexico city

Erika Solorzano

La Solorzano
Puerto Rico

Amilcar Luna


Andrei Kibrik

I love to cater

Tio Paella

Tio Paella

Jorge Bultron

Personal Chef
Puerto Rico

Mark Cruz

Puerto Rico

Patricia Clavijo

Casa mencia
Santo Domingo

Jan Carlos Journet Valle

Productos Mi Encanto
Puerto Rico

Eric Valentin

Sabores Exquisitos
Puerto Rico

Thomas Lizarraga

Paellas Artesanales De La Baja
San Diego, CA

Maria Roman

Alvarez Catering
Puerto Rico