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Paella brings people together!

Bringing España to your plate!

We specialize in organizing international festivals that unite people, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Spanish culture and cuisine. Our events create an atmosphere of joy, music, and dance, providing an opportunity for families and friends to come together and celebrate in a truly multicultural setting.


Paella Contest

Top chefs go head-to-head, presenting their mouthwatering paella creations, inviting you to indulge in their delicious creations.

Spanish Food & Drinks

A journey of culinary discovery.
Spain is most famous for its wine, olives and olive oil, Iberico ham, seafood dishes, and of course, tapas. Many dishes are prepared today using the same cooking methods and ingredients as they were two or three hundred years ago.

Music & Dancing

Paella Fest organizes international festivals that unite people through food and Spanish culture. We aim to create memorable experiences and our events focus on Spanish cuisine, music, dance, and more. They are designed for foodies, families, and friends to experience and enjoy together.

Experience one of the greatest Paella Cookoffs in the world!

Paella Fest presents an array of ticket alternatives, every ticket provides unrestricted access to the event, ensuring all participants a complete experience.

From basic admission to an extensive range of exclusive extra expeditions, we offer many options for you to choose. Regardless of the ticket you select, get ready to savor the exquisite delights that await you at Paella Fest.

Join our Community

PaellaFest is a wonderful opportunity for chefs, restaurants, sponsors, and vendors! Let us be the platform that will elevate your presence and position in the culinary world. Contact us today to explore partnership possibilities and secure your spot.