Past Festivals

Paellafest is an epic paella competition that brings together the most talented chefs of the area and a Spanish food festival.

This unique gastronomic experience celebrates and promotes the Spanish cuisine and culture all around the US and Latin America.

Join us and enjoy this unique experience !

Check out the past editions of Paellafest around the world:

Valencia 2021 (Spain)

Paellafest sent their chefs further than the international final in Sueca. We sent them to World Paella Day where one of our winners in the US won the desired prize among Spaniards in Valencia. There is an amazing talent in the US!

Gandía 2021 (Spain)

If Sueca is the podium of the best paella chefs, Gandia is the one for fideua! This other delicious Spanish dish has its own international contest and Paellafest helped to bring the best participants around the globe.

Sueca 2021 (Spain)

Our winner in the US traveled to the International Final of paella in Sueca and Paellafest made this festival possible too! What a unique experience to be among the best chefs in the world who cook paella in their hometowns.

San Miguel de Allende 2019 (Mexico)

We couldn’t forget the king country of paellas in America! Paellafest landed in the heart of Mexico with a very special welcome to all paella lovers.

Washintong DC 2019 (USA)

The first Paellafest of the history took place in the capital of US! Washington DC hosted the first edition of this unique paella competition with the traditional Feria de Sevilla. It was the first great success of many others!

Customers reviews

What people say?

Excellent paellas, pintxos, wine, flamenco and atmosphere
Cynthia Casarrubias
PaellaFest San Miguel de Allende
Another day of culture, music, food and great chefs
Leo Razo
PaellaFest Washington
There are experiences that mark us, that change us and improve us. Excellent event !
A Mastretta
PaellaFest San Miguel de Allende

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